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PelleK - Дискография

Формат: MP3, tracks, 320kbps
Год выпуска: 2012 - 2020
Страна: Норвегия
Жанр: Progressive Power Metal
Продолжительность: 13:15:48

01. Entrance
02. Fugue State
03. Reason And Psychosis
04. Send My Message Home
05. Thundernight
06. Win
07. Don''t Belong
08. Stare Into My Eyes (Feat. Tommy Karevik)
09. Born In Babylon
10. Bag Of Tricks
11. Conflagrate My Heart
12. Please Don''t Die
13. Twinge And Turn

01. Twelve Days Of Christmas
02. O Christmas Tree
03. Deck The Halls
04. Beautiful Savior
05. Jingle Bells
06. O Holy Night
07. Come All Ye Faithfull
08. Silent Night

01. Elucidation
02. Northern Wayfarer
03. Sea Of Okhotsk
04. Brigantine Of Tranquility
05. Gods Pocket
06. Stars And Bullet Holes
07. Sky Odyssey
08. Transmigration
09. The Last Journey

01. Enveloped In Smoke (Dead Night)
02. The Grey Ballet
03. Tempest
04. Restless Butterfly
05. Dragonflight
06. On The Lion''s Back
07. Cloud Dancers
08. Carillon Canticle
09. Battle Supreme

01. One Reason (DWB Cover)
02. Butter-Fly (Kouji Wada Cover)
03. Easy Go (Kasuki Kato Cover)
04. Hellfire (Hunchback Of Notre Dame)
05. Megitsune (Babymetal Cover)
06. Belle (Beauty And The Beast)
07. Flyers (Bradio Cover)
08. Jack''s Lament (French)
09. Maniac (Michael Sembello Cover)
10. The Seven Deadly Sins (Man With A Mission Cover)
11. The Curse Of The Sad Mummy
12. Seasons Die One After Another (Amazarashi Cover)
13. Wake Up! (AAA Cover)

01. Hijo De La Luna (Mecano Cover)
02. The Trooper (Iron Maiden Cover)
03. In The End (Black Veil Brides Cover)
04. It''s My Life (Bon Jovi Cover)
05. Kiss The Girl
06. Dead Inside (Muse Cover)
07. Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover)
08. Escape From The City (Crush 40 Cover)
09. Chozetsu Dynamic (Dragon Ball Super Opening)
10. Clattanoia (O×T Сover)
11. Database (Man With A Mission Cover)

01. The Path Of Reclusion
02. From The Depths
03. I Know You Don''t Know
04. In Windows
05. Intermezzo
06. The Space Between
07. Whispers
08. All That I Am
09. The Master Of Reclusion
10. A Reason Unseen

01. Limit Break X Survivor (English) (From ''''Dragon Ball Super'''')
02. Limit Break X Survivor (Japanese) (From ''''Dragon Ball Super'''')
03. Limit Break X Survivor (Spanish) (From''''Dragon Ball Super'''')
04. Limit Break X Survivor (Norwegian) (From ''''Dragon Ball Super'''')
05. Cuando Pase El Temblor (Soda Stereo Сover)
06. Aun Estas En Mis Suenos (Rata Blanca Cover)
07. Bloody Stream (From ''''JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure'''')
08. Closer (The Chainsmokers Cover)
09. Core Pride (From ''''Ao No Exorcist'''')
10. De Musica Ligera (Soda Stereo Сover)
11. Fiesta Pagana (Mago De Oz Cover)
12. Go!!! (From ''''Naruto'''')
13. Halloween (Helloween Cover)
14. History Maker (From ''''Yuri On Ice'''')
15. Itteki No Eikyou (From ''''Ao No Exorcist'''')
16. La Costa Del Silencio (Mago De Oz Cover)
17. Moshimo (From ''''Naruto Shippuden'''')
18. Mysterious Messenger (From ''''Mystic Messenger'''')
19. Power Rangers Ninja Steel Opening Theme
20. Paper Moon (From ''''Soul Eater'''')
21. Rockin'' Around The Christmas Tree
22. Sign (From ''''Naruto Shippuden'''')
23. Wanted Dead Or Alive (Bon Jovi Cover)
24. We Go!

01. Kimi Ga Suki Da To Sakebitai (From ''''Slam Dunk'''')
02. Shinzou Wo Sasageyo (From ''''Attack On Titan'''')
03. Angeles Fuimos (From ''''Dragon Ball Z'''')
04. Cha La Head Cha La (From ''''Dragon Ball Z'''')
05. La Balada Del Diablo Y La Muerte
06. Colors (From ''''Code Geass'''')
07. Despacito
08. Dreamer
09. Heal The World
10. Lamento Boliviano
11. Nunca Me Faltes
12. Rusty Nail
13. Saber Rider Theme
14. Sora Ni Utaeba (From ''''Boku No Hero Academia'''')
15. Peace Sign (From ''''Boku No Hero Academia'''')

01. Ultimate Battle (From "Dragon Ball Super")
02. Asphyxia (From "Tokyo Ghoul:re")
03. Asustado (From "The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy")
04. Odd Future (From "My Hero Academia")
05. Howling (From "Seven Deadly Sins")
06. In The Dark Of The Night (From "Anastasia")
07. This Game (From "No Game No Life")
08. Go Cry Go (From "Overlord")
09. Pantalones Rotos (From "Bob Esponja")
10. Recuerdame (From "Coco")
11. Soy Un Cacahuete (From "Bob Esponja")
12. We Are The World
13. El Hechicero (From "Pato Lucas")

01. Darker Than Black
02. You Will Be A Star
03. Live And Let Live
04. Absolute Steel
05. Future Soldier
06. Above The Clouds
07. Rebirth
08. So Long And Thanks For All The Windchimes

01. Hero''s Come Back
02. Ore Wa Tokoton Tomaranai
03. Make My Story (From "My Hero Academia")
04. Peace Sign (From "Boku No Hero Academia")
05. Red Swan (From "Attack On Titan")
06. Voracity (From "Overlord III")
07. Wind (From "Naruto")
08. Toxicity
09. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
10. Ever Dream
11. Escapist
12. While Your Lips Are Still Red

01. Soldier Dream (From "Saint Seiya")
02. Cha-La Head-Cha-La (From "Dragon Ball Z")
03. Moonlight Densetsu (From "Sailor Moon")
04. Kimi Ga Suki Da To Sakebitai (From "Slam Dunk")
05. Egao Ni Aitai (From "Marmalade Boy")
06. Zettai Ni, Daremo (From "Slam Dunk")
07. Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku (From "Dragon Ball GT")
08. Kawaita Sakebi (From "Yu-Gi-Oh!")
09. We Are! (From "One Piece")
10. Butter-Fly (From "Digimon Adventure")
11. Kasabuta (From "Zatch Bell!")
12. Kokoro No Chizu (From "One Piece")
13. Megami No Senshi (From "Saint Seiya: Meiou Hades Elysion-Hen")
14. Brand New World (From "One Piece")
15. Megumeru (From "Clannad The Motion Picture")
16. We Go! (From "One Piece")
17. Next Generation (From "Saint Seiya Omega")
18. Flugel Der Freiheit (From "Attack On Titan")
19. Ignite (From "Sword Art Online")
20. The Hero (From "One-Punch Man")
21. The Day (From "Boku No Hero Academia")
22. Shinzou Wo Sasageyo (From "Attack On Titan")
23. Go Cry Go (From "Overlord")

01. Requiem Der Morgenrote (From "Attack On Titan")
02. Adamas (From "Sword Art Online Alicization")
03. All In The Game (From "Boruto")
04. Deja Vu (From "Initial D")
05. Distance (From "Naruto Shippuden")
06. Gary Vuelve A Mi (From "Bob Esponja")
07. Gas Gas Gas (From "Initial D")
08. Guren No Yumia (Spanish)
09. Hope (Feat. AmaLee)
10. Jiyuu No Tsubasa (From "Attack On Titan")
11. Katharsis (From "Tokyo Ghoul")
12. My Dearest (From "Guilty Crown")
13. Open Your Heart (From "Sonic Adventure")
14. Peace Sign (From "My Hero Academia")
15. Power Of The Dream (From "Fairy Tail")
16. Running In The 90s (From "Initial D")
17. Super Powers (From "One Piece")
18. True Light (From "D.N.Angel")
19. Venom
20. Wake Me Up

01. Adamas (From ''''Sword Art Online: Alicization'''')
02. Eye To Eye (From ''''A Goofy Movie'''')
03. Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku (From ''''Dragon Ball GT'''')
04. Bitch Lasagna (The Pewdiepie T-Series Song)
05. Gamushara (From ''''Black Clover'''')
06. Brain Power
07. Bring Me To Life
08. Fighting Gold (From ''''JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure'''')
09. Girls Like You
10. Hej Monika
11. Natural
12. No Me Arrepiento De Este Amor
13. No Mercy
14. Pop / Stars
15. We Are Number One
16. When The Party''s Over

01. Lights
02. Dionysus
03. Fake Love
04. Angels Cry
05. Chouzetsu Dynamic (From "Dragon Ball Super")
06. Hasta Que El Cuerpo Aguante
07. I Don''t Care
08. Jenny Of Oldstones (From "Game Of Thrones")
09. One Step Closer
10. Touch Off (From "The Promised Neverland")
11. Shoukei To Shikabane No Michi (From "Attack On Titan")
12. Soul Society
13. Sugar Song And Bitter Step (From "Kekkai Sensen")
14. Seijaku No Apostle (From "One Punch Man")
15. Here I Go Again
16. Over The Top (From "One Piece")
17. Eurodancer
18. Resolution (From "Sword Art Online: Alicization - War Of Underworld")
19. The Hero (From "One Punch Man") (Feat. Raon Lee)

01. Dance Monkey
02. Into The Unknown (From "Frozen II")
03. Toss A Coin To Your Witcher (From "The Witche")
04. Lullaby Of Woe (From "The Witcher III")
05. Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (From "JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure")
06. Chase (From "JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure")
07. End Of The World (From "JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure")
08. Bloody Stream (From "JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure")
09. Fighting Gold (From "JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure")
10. Great Days (From "JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure")
11. Sono Chi No Sadame (From "JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure")
12. Stand Proud (From "JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure")
13. Uragirimono No Requiem (From "JoJo''s Bizarre Adventure")
14. Complication (From "Durarara")
15. Day You Laugh (From "Durarara")
16. Headhunt (From "Durarara")
17. Steppin'' Out (From "Durarara")
18. Treacherous Sunset (From "Durarara")

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